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Silver Fox Players

yLast Year's Photoz July 23, 2022 (Saturday) Next to JR Nagaokakyo Station,
3rd floor of Bambio Live Can in Kyoto pref.@iLast year's flyerj

` Announcement for July 22, 2023 (Saturday)@ Live Can Performance Confirmed ! (Free Admission) `

Venue: 3rd floor of Bambio, Next to JR Nagaokakyo Station (Nagaokakyo City, Kyoto Pref.j Access

Setlist, Instrumentation (Sax x 4, Tp x 2, Tb, Dr, Pf, B, Gt - each x 1), Profiles, and more will be uploaded soon.

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@Creation Date: May 13, 2023 (Saturday)

@Last Update: May 16, 2023 (Tuesday)@